Je vous présente ma famille d’accueil…

Translation: I present to you: my host family!

I was going to make this a post all about my life here in Grenoble, but I figured that it could get pretty long, so I am going to split it into two parts! Part one: introduce my host family. Part two: a day in the life of Marie!

Well, I am currently living with my host parents: Bernadette and Jean-Claude. (I know, so French!!) It is just us most of the time, but at the beginning of the school year their youngest son, Luic was staying with us. He is a police man, or “flic,” in a different town further up in the mountains. They have on other son, Nicolas, and a daughter Elise….but I am not sure who is oldest…sorry. We haven’t really discussed that yet. Oops. Elise is the only one who is married, and she has two kids: Laure (4) and Damien (1).

I got to meet Elise and her husband (Nicolas…same name as her brother, yes) and their two kids last week because Laure was going to stay with us for the week! French schools had last week off, so Bernadette and Jean-Claude babysat while Laure didn’t have preschool. She was soooo cute. All week, she would come into my room and just sit and watch me do homework. After a while, I showed her how to use “Paint” on my laptop…which was probably not the best thing to do. all week, she would come and ask if I wanted to draw on my “ralateur” which is not even a word… “ordinateur” is the word for computer in french, she just preferred to call it a “ralateur.” So. Cute.

She also has the best glasses ever.

Sporting some Harry Potter-esque glasses :)


Concentrating really hard on getting her stars right!

At the end of the week, I got to go to Elise’s house with Bernadette to drop Laure off! We left on Friday morning and came back Saturday afternoon from their miniscule mountain village. I am talking 20 houses maximum and a small gathering of market-type stores. It. Was. So. Gorgeous.

Too bad I was too distracted by the cute kids to take any pictures. (*GASP*)  I know…I am mad too. Anyways…that is the general information about my host family…now for more specifics on my life with my host parents!

First, they spoil me. It is true. They let me eat more meals with them than I am supposed to, Bernadette does my laundry every Monday, and all of my clothes get ironed…even my pajama pants. Technically I am supposed to only eat breakfast and four dinners a week with them, but after Bernadette told me that they preferred that I eat with them, I decided it was okay…still not sure how to tell her that I don’t need my pajama pants ironed, but oh well. Bernadette also sets out my breakfast every morning: a bowl of coffee (Yes! French people use bowls instead of mugs…) orange juice, bread, and nutella:

My breakfast du jour!

We live in an apartment outside of centre-ville. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one water closet, a living room, a kitchen, and an office. Here’s my quarters:

Yay, it's my bedroom!


My awesome shoe rack from host mom bought it for me after she saw how many shoes I brought :)


Here's where all of the studying gets done :)


It's my bathroom! Where is the toilet? In the water closet down the hall...

Now you have a better idea of where I live! Isn’t it great??
I feel like I should tell you a bit more about my host parents…so here is what I know so far!
Bernadette: She is an amazing seamstress! She is currently working on making towel/ponchos for her grandchildren and great-nieces and nephews. They are really cute. She is also working on a duvet cover for her niece and a doll dress for Laure. One of her other hobbies is to go hiking, either with Jean-Claude or with our neighbor. So far, she has been hiking at least twice a week every week that I have been here. Which is pretty cool.
Jean-Claude: He is the chef in the household. And just ask my parents, he makes delicious food every night. They get to hear about it all the time when we are chatting on Skype. All of our meals are served in courses, the first of which is soup 50% of the time. Maybe even more. The surprising thing is that  we have not yet had the same kind of soup! Yeah, he is a very talented cook.  Another one of his hobbies is Bowling! He actually just got back from Paris for the national bowling championship tournament! His team got fifth place!!
Well, I hope you have enjoyed getting to know my host family a little bit! Keep an eye out for “a day in the life of Marie.” It should be preeeetttty interesting :)
Happy Halloween!
Bien à vous,

Je suis désolé…

Translation: I am sorry…

I also considered calling this post “broken promises,” but then I realized that I am not reeeaaally breaking my promise. I promised you three posts by Sunday night. Well…in France, it is Sunday night, and I am giving you a third post…but  it is not what it was supposed to be.

I was contemplating on whether or not  I should just whip out a quick post on my life in Grenoble, but the I realized that it was impossible. I want to be able to spend enough time describing my daily life and my host family. But it is 11:30 here…and I am tired and have school tomorrow morning. So. I have decided to break my promise and give you your third post tomorrow instead. I hope you all don’t hate me too much!

Just look at it this way…now you have something to look forward to tomorrow morning/afternoon!

Here is a preview of what my post will feature!

This is the view from my bus stop...and yes, it snowed last weekend in the mountains!

Alright…I am going to bed now. Keep your eye out for my post tomorrow!

Bien à vous, 



Translation: Procrastination.

I am officially the worst blogger ever. I have not posted something for exactly three weeks. Its true :(

So…I am making a promise to all of my readers that I will have at least three more posts by the end of this weekend. A bit ambitious you say? Well, little do you know… I have had a draft on my trip to Marseille for the past week and a half. Wow, that sounds so sad now that I wrote it down, but yes, it is true. This week has just been way to busy for me to even think about blogging! (and that is not just an excuse, it really has been a terrible week…just ask my mom!)

Also, my host parents adorable granddaughter has been here for the whole week! I know that  I don’t need to tell all of you how much of a distraction a four-year old can be to me!

Anyways, look forward to three more posts by Sunday at midnight! Well, midnight my time…6:00 pm for my family!

Bien à vous,