Je suis le pire…

Translation: I am the worst ( at blogging…)

Sorry to everyone for my lack ofposts during the  last month! I just cannot bring myself to make time for blogging…ugh.

So, what am I still doing in Europe? Well, my family and I are spending the holidays abroad! Yay!

Currently, I am typing my blog in an apartment in Rome where we will be staying for the next three days! I am also typing it on my dads iPad, so it is going to be a bit shorter than my normal post :)

We began our Christmas vacation in Paris, where we stayed in anapartment as well. We then went on to Grenoble for days any. I spent yesterday afternoon translating conversation between my host parents and my family, as neither party spoke the other’s language! ( waaaay more difficult than it sounds.)

Sorry for no pictures, but I can NOT figure out how to work this thing and I don’t have Internet on my laptop here yet…apparently they don’t have Internet in ancient Rome! Hopefully I will have it working by tomorrow :)

Forgive the mistakes, I am sure there are many…I am not used to typing with a little keypad!




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